Judge Mark Wernick

Hennepin County
District Court


1975 – Judge Mark Wernick obtained his JD Degree from Drake University Law School, in Des Moines, Iowa. Having graduated in the top 10% of his class, Judge Wernick is a member of the Order of the Coif.

September 1975 through November 1977 – Hired by the legendary Chief Public Defender, Bill Kennedy, Judge Mark Wernick was employed for 2 years as an Assistant Hennepin County Public Defender. During his first year, Judge Wernick was assigned to the misdemeanor division, and during his second year, the felony division.

December 1977 through October 2002 – For these 25 years, Judge Mark Wernick was in private practice.

1977-1984 – Judge Mark Wernick began his private practice as a sole practitioner. During these first 7 years, a significant portion of his work was devoted to pro bono or reduced rate cases, most notably criminal and regulatory cases associated with the construction of a high voltage power line in west central Minnesota and a nuclear waste storage facility on Prairie Island. While taking these cases, Judge Wernick was also building a criminal defense practice. In 1979, he tried his first murder case. In October 1983, at the age of 33, Judge Wernick had the privilege of arguing a murder case before the United States Supreme Court. The case, named Minnesota v. Murphy, 465 U.S. 420 (1984), is referred to in nearly all criminal procedure textbooks and treatises.

1985-1987 – In 1985, Judge Mark Wernick began working for, and later partnered with William Mauzy. Under Mr. Mauzy’s mentorship, Judge Wernick gained trial experience in complex white collar and controlled substance cases.

1987-2002 – Returning to solo practice in 1987, Judge Mark Wernick moved his office to 2520 Park Avenue, in Minneapolis, where he remained for the next 15 years. With the help of a new mentor, Peter Thompson, Judge Wernick continued building a criminal defense practice.

2002 – Having had 27 years of trial experience, Judge Mark Wernick was appointed to serve on the Hennepin County District Court.